Automate your Rate Sheets and Quotes

How much time do you spend managing and keeping your rates up to date? You could save up to 80 hours or more a month managing rates and sending your quotes using FreightLegend.

Tired of always checking your Rates and Charges to keep your quotes up to date?

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Free up your Sales Team from needless admin and enable them to spend their time and energy on selling.

FreightLegend helps Freight Forwarders confidently quote and stay on top of the dynamic pricing from many international and domestic suppliers.


Rates and charges can be automatically filtered based on specific customer needs.



Update multiple port pair rates, associated surcharges and exchange rates. Something that used to eat up hours of time can now be done in a few clicks!


Never miss an expiring rate or charge. You’ll have the ability to update unique groups of data easily.

It’s also fully customisable and can be integrated into your existing systems.


It’s not just customers who can find quotes confusing! FreightLegend is a secure solution to simplify all quotation interactions so that everyone is on the same page.


Quickly compare buy and sell rates while managing how much you share with customers.

Want to make creating and managing rate sheets something even recent hires can do confidently?





Here are some comments from our valued customers

“So easy to stay on top of my
ever-changing supplier pricing.”

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“Monitoring freight quotes is now a breeze.”

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“Sales staff were comfortable using FreightLegend within minutes! Very pleased to see the team delighted to process the ‘paperwork’ so quickly.”

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